There Won’t Be a ‘Goldman Sachs Coin’ Anytime Soon

Goldman Sachs is not currently planning on issuing an in-house digital token.

“We have no immediate intention of creating a Goldman Sachs coin,” a spokesperson told CoinDesk.

However, the New York-based bank is working with private partners on creating a stablecoin.

“We continue to see value working closely with private institutions looking to create a ubiquitous stable coin that meets legal/regulatory requirements and has transparent governance,” a spokesperson said.

In 2020, Goldman’s digital asset global head Matthew McDermott said that the bank was seriously considering its own cryptocurrency, possibly a stablecoin. He also hinted at a potential collaboration with social media giant Facebook (now known as Meta) or with banking rival JPMorgan, which launched its own in-house token, JPM coin, in 2020.

JPMorgan’s token was created to serve the bank’s corporate clients holding their U.S. dollar deposit accounts on a blockchain. Earlier this month, the coin was successfully used in a trial by the central bank of Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Meta has reportedly given up on its beleaguered Diem stablecoin project and is on the hunt for buyers of its assets to pay back investors, according to a Bloomberg story published Tuesday.

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