New Money

{“slug”:”new-money”,”podcast_slug”:”new-money”,”promo_media_id”:”qtGCu4t8″,”playlist_id”:”hoQdWkBK”,”title”:”New Money with Spencer & Solo”,”scheduleText”:”12 episodes launching Wednesday, January 12th in both podcast and video format, followed by new episodes each Wednesday at 1:00 PM ET”,”logoImg”:””,”description”:”New Money explores what it means to be part of the new “creator economy.” In New Money, we hear from pro athletes, celebrities and social media influencers who are on the cutting edge of interacting directly with fans and developing new ways to generate revenue from their own celebrity. Episode guests include Matt James (The Bachelor), R&B singer Mario, Foye Oluokun (Atlanta Falcons), Renee Montgomery (Atlanta Dream) and social media influencers and personalities with a cumulative following of 30M+.”,”hosts”:[{“name”:”Spencer”,”author_id”:”SpencerDinwiddie”,”description”:”Spencer Dinwiddie is a professional NBA player, an innovator; the founder of the Calaxy app, an interactive platform that allows its community to monetize interactions with their fanbase and following.”,”portraitUrl”:””},{“name”:”Solo”,”author_id”:”SoloCeesay”,”description”:”Solo Ceesay is a Wharton Business School graduate and co-founder of the Calaxy App. Solo spent his career on Wall Street as a Securitization Investment Banker at Citigroup but now focuses on creating a world where we are able to unlock trapped liquidity seamlessly.”,”portraitUrl”:””}],”gallary_images”:[],”quoteImg1″:””,”quoteImg2″:””,”socials”:{“twitter”:”letsgetnewmoney”,”tiktok”:”letsgetnewmoney”,”ig”:”letsgetnewmoney”}}

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