Ivan on Tech’s Crypto Company Pitches Metaverse Devs on Software Toolkit

The blockchain infrastructure company owned by Ivan Liljeqvist, better known as the YouTuber Ivan on Tech, is rolling out a software toolkit for crypto game developers looking to jump into the metaverse.

Called “Metaverse SDK,” the product from Moralis aims to help devs build crypto applications for gaming consoles, desktops and smartphones. It integrates with the popular game engine Unity to support cross-platform gameplay. The software development kit (SDK) covers multiple chains, too.

“This is taking Web 3 to whole new platforms and will allow developers to bring metaverse to the masses,” Liljeqvist told CoinDesk through a spokesman.

It’s a notable picks-and-shovels play as investors and developers pile into digital worlds. The immersive “metaverse” is 10 years out by Facebook’s estimation, but in crypto, a space rife with user-owned gaming gambits and virtual fashion, it has already arrived.

Competing crypto infrastructure companies from Alchemy to Infura haven’t yet branched into gaming SDKs.

Moralis claimed its other SDK products have helped Web 3 developer teams move 10 times faster. A handful of crypto projects including NFT-focused SuperFarm have tried it, according to a press release.

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